KHP Capital Partners is a real estate private equity firm focused on investments in boutique and independent hotels. Our firm manages capital on behalf of its Principals and Limited Partners with the goal of creating long term value through targeted investments in hotel real estate. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, we invest across the United States and Canada, generating superior risk-adjusted returns by focusing on disciplined acquisition criteria and implementing value-add investment strategies that capitalize on our deep experience in hotel operations and development.

We focus primarily on the acquisition of existing full-service boutique and independent hotels that can benefit from enhanced branding and management, renovation and repositioning of hotels in need of capital, and adaptive reuse of buildings suitable for conversion to hotel use.

With most key disciplines residing in-house and with extensive industry knowledge, we act quickly and decisively, identifying underperforming properties and aggressively asset managing our hotels to improve performance. We further leverage our construction and design expertise to evaluate and execute complex capital improvement and redevelopment projects, enabling us to take advantage of opportunities that others cannot.

Our History

KHP Capital Partners was formed in 2015 by Mike Depatie, Joe Long and Ben Rowe to take over the private equity fund management business formerly managed by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants after the sale of the hotel management company to InterContinental Hotel Group. As the former Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Kimpton, this team previously led the company’s private equity business while also overseeing the hotel and restaurant management business. After joining Kimpton in 2003, they raised and invested the KHP series of funds and under their leadership Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants grew to become the largest independent owner and operator of boutique hotels in the United States.


We have a simple vision that guides all of the decisions we make: To be the most trusted and best performing real estate investment firm in the hotel industry.  A set of core values guides us towards this vision and defines the culture of our business.   Our close knit team of professionals apply these values to their work and they are at the heart of how we create value for our investors.

Integrity First

We can always be trusted to do the right thing.  Honesty and fairness are critical to long term success.

One Team

We work together toward a common goal.  Open and respectful communication, transparency and cross-discipline collaboration produce better results.

Intellectual Rigor

We strive for excellence and want the best ideas to win.  Smart people, well-defined processes and principles, thoughtful analysis and candid debate provide a foundation for successful investing.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We expand boundaries by looking beyond easy answers.  Persistent creativity and entrepreneurial thinking drive continuous improvement and competitive advantage.


We deliver on our commitments to our investors, our partners and one another.  Competence, reliability and personal initiative cultivate trust and drive consistent results.


We have fun and care for each other.  A community committed to personal and professional growth and balance in work, play and family life attracts the best people and brings forth their full potential.


The KHP Capital Partners team has overseen six discretionary private equity funds focused on the boutique and independent lodging sector, totaling over $1.25 billion of equity capital. These funds have been invested or committed to over 50 projects representing over $2.5 billion in total asset value.

Our Funds


Fund Size: $146mm
Vintage: 1997
Investments: 10
Status: Fully Realized


Fund Size: $157mm
Vintage: 2004
Investments: 13
Status: Fully Realized


Fund Size: $202mm
Vintage: 2006
Investments: 10
Status: Fully Invested, Partially Realized


Fund Size: $203mm
Vintage: 2012
Investments: 10
Status: Fully Invested, Partially Realized


Fund Size: $210mm
Vintage: 2015
Investments: 5
Status: Fully Invested, Partially Realized


Fund Size: $361mm
Vintage: 2018
Investments: 3
Status: Investing

Funds Fund Size Vintage Investments Status
KDOF $146mm 1997 10 Fully Realized
KHP I $157mm 2004 13 Fully Realized
KHP II $202mm 2006 10 Fully Invested, Partially Realized
KHP III $203mm 2012 10 Fully Invested, Partially Realized
KHP IV $210mm 2015 5 Fully Invested, Partially Realized
KHP V $361mm 2018 3 Investing

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